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Document Understanding User Guide
Last updated Jun 6, 2024


The Document Understanding section in the Other Services tab on the Licenses page of Automation Cloud displays the consumption entitlement (in number of pages) that can be extracted by our Machine Learning servers based on your Document Understanding license entitlement.

Access to the models' endpoints is granted based on an API Key. The API Key is generated automatically when you create your account, and it is required for the following activities in Studio:

These activities allow you to use UiPath ML models.

Click Copy API Key to copy the displayed API Key to your clipboard and then paste it in your activity or in the case of UiPath OCR, in the UiPath Document OCR engine activity.

A request is sent from the activity to the Machine Learning Server, and access is granted based on your API Key.

If at any point the API Key is compromised, discard it by generating a new one.

Keep in mind that we limit the size of documents that can be extracted by our servers.

Note: Machine Learning technology is probabilistic in nature. UiPath makes continuous efforts to improve our Document Understanding products but can not guarantee accuracy or performance on any particular business document.

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