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Document Understanding Process: Studio Template - Automation Suite 2022.10
Document Understanding
Last updated Oct 19, 2023

Document Understanding Process: Studio Template

Document Understanding Process is a fully functional UiPath Studio project template based on a document processing flowchart. Its aim is to offer a Document Understanding tool at hand that is easy to use and easy to execute for any developer who wants to start working either on a simple demo or on large-scale implementation.

The process provides logging, exception handling, retry mechanisms, and all the methods that should be used in a Document Understanding workflow, out of the box.

The Document Understanding Process is preconfigured with a series of basic document types in a taxonomy, a classifier configured to distinguish between these classes, and extractors to showcase how to use the Data Extraction capabilities of the framework. It is meant to be used as a best practice example that can be adapted to your needs while displaying how to configure each of its components.

The workflow has an architecture decoupled from other connected automations:

  • it does not matter where the files to be processed are coming from or what triggers the execution, this is the responsibility of an upstream process;
  • it does not matter where the extracted information should be used, this is the responsibility of a downstream process.

The architecture is common for both attended robots and unattended robots running Document Understanding and having human-in-the-loop validation via Action Center.

Items are not processed in bulk. Instead, there is one job for each input file. Indeed, a dispatcher is required every time but this flexible approach makes it simpler to get started, to develop, debug, and scale Document Understanding processes.

The process supports Visual Basic flavored projects.

The default dependencies in a Document Understanding Process are: UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities, UiPath.Excel.Activities, UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities, UiPath.PDF.Activities, UiPath.System.Activities, and UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities.

How to Access the Process

Note: Document Understanding Process is compatible with Studio version 21.4.4 or higher. For previous Studio versions, you can download the NuGet package from here.

You can find the Document Understanding Process template on the Official template feed. Navigate to the Templates tab and click the Document Understanding Process card.

Click Use Template.

Enter a Name for your process and select a Location on your PC. Click Create to open the process.

User Guide

The process comes with detailed documentation included in the project folder. We recommend you to read the enclosed User Guide even if you are familiar with the Document Understanding solution.

Contribute to the Project

You can contribute directly to the project by making a pull request or by opening an issue in our repository here. If you want to create a new branch, please be aware of the naming conventions in the file.

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