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Document Understanding User Guide for Modern Experience
Last updated Feb 22, 2024


For an Evaluation Pipeline, the Outputs pane also includes an artifacts / eval_metrics folder which contains two files:

  • evaluation_default.xlsx is an Excel spreadsheet with three different sheets:
  • The first sheet presents a summary of the overall scores and the scores per batch, for each field, Regular, Column, and Classification fields. A percentage of the perfectly extracted documents is also provided for both per batch and overall documents.
  • The second sheet presents a side by side, color coded comparison of Regular Fields, for increasing document accuracy. The most inaccurate documents are presented at the top to facilitate diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • The third sheet presents a side by side color, coded comparison of the Column Fields.
  • All scores presented in the Excel file represent accuracy scores.
  • evaluation_metrics_default.txt contains the F1 scores of the predicted fields.
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