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Last updated Feb 22, 2024

2. Document Manager: Schedule Export Feature

From a Document Manager session, click the Export button , go to the Schedule (Preview) tab, and enable the Scheduling slider. Then select a start time and a recurrence. When ready, click the Schedule button.

The Backwards-compatible export checkbox enables you to apply legacy export behavior, which is to export each page as a separate document. Try this if the model trained using default export is below expectations. Leave this unchecked to export the documents in their original multi-page form.


The minimum recurrence is 7 days and the maximum recurrence is 60 days.

Given the fact that AI Center training pipelines are mainly configured to run weekly, a recurrence of 7 days is recommended.

When you set the schedule for export, the imported data from the fine-tune folder is exported to the export folder under auto-export time_stamp.

To be more specific, the Scheduled Export imports the data which exists in the fine-tune folder created in Step 1, and then it exports the full dataset, including the previously existing data and the newly imported Validation Station data, into the export folder. So with each scheduled export, the exported dataset gets larger and larger.

The file latest.txt is updated or created if this is the first scheduled export. Here you can see the name of the latest export made by Document Manager. Schema export, however, does not update latest.txt. This file is used by the auto-retraining pipeline in AI Center to determine which is the latest export so it can always train on the latest data, so you should never remove or modify it, otherwise, your auto-retraining pipelines will fail.

Note: The Scheduled import+export operation might take up to 1-2 hours, depending on how much data was sent from Step 1 during the previous week. We recommend you choose a time when you will not use the Document Manager due to the fact that when an export operation is ongoing no other exports or imports are allowed. However, labeling is always possible.

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