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Last updated Feb 22, 2024

1. Robot Workflow: Machine Learning Extractor Trainer Activity

  • Add the Machine Learning Extractor Trainer activity into your workflow in a Train Extractors Scope and properly configure the scope
  • Make sure the Framework Alias contains the same alias as the Machine Learning Extractor alias in the Data Extraction Scope.
  • Select the Project and the Dataset associated with the Document Manager session that contains your Training and Evaluation datasets. The drop-down menus are prepopulated once you are connected to Orchestrator.

    Note: You can set a value for the Output Folder property if you want to export the data locally in the workflow.

You can see the Dataset name on the Data Labelling view in AI Center, next to the name of the Data Labelling session:

For the selected dataset, what the Machine Learning Extractor Trainer activity does is create a folder called fine-tune and to write the exported documents there in 3 folders: documents, metadata, and predictions folders.

This is the folder where the data will then be imported into Document Manager automatically, merged with the previously existing data, and exported into the right format to be consumed by a Training or a Full pipeline.

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