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Über den Aktivitäten-SDK

The UiPath.Activities.API SDK package is hosted on the Official activities feed (https://www.myget.org/F/workflow).

Among others, the package is used for:

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Das UiPath.Activities.API SDK-Paket muss als Entwicklungsabhängigkeit in Ihrem benutzerdefinierten Projekt verwendet werden. Lesen Sie mehr über Entwicklungsabhängigkeiten.

So verwenden Sie die API

When the activities are loaded into Studio, a reference to IWorkflowDesignApi is provided in several ways:

  1. Inside the IRegisterMetadata implementation add a public void Initialize(object api) method. This method is called during the activity loading process and the activity can store the api parameter for later usage.
  2. Define a class that implements IRegisterWorkflowDesignApi. The method IRegisterWorkflowDesignApi.Initialize(IWorkflowDesignApi api) is called during the activity loading process, and the activity can store the api parameter for later usage. When using this method only Studio versions from 2019.6 are able to load your package.
  3. Obtain a reference of the api object by calling context.Services.GetService<IWorkflowDesignApi>() where context is a System.Activities.Presentation.EditingContext, usually accessible for activity designers.

Design Feature Keys

It is important to perform a preliminary check against the DesignFeatureKeys to see if the needed feature keys are supported. For more information, see the list of feature keys.

In order to check for a feature, you need to call the HasFeature method on the IWorkflowDesignApi reference, otherwise calls to the relevant api methods might fail with MissingMemberException or MissingMethodException on older Studio versions.

IWorkflowDesignApi studioActivitiesApi;
            // How to check for a feature.
            if (studioActivitiesApi.HasFeature(UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api.DesignFeatureKeys.Settings))
                // Call Method or lambda that is using specific feature
                // This ensures that the code is JIT compiled only after the feature check


The following interfaces are available:

Vor ungefähr einem Jahr aktualisiert

Über den Aktivitäten-SDK

Auf API-Referenzseiten sind Änderungsvorschläge beschränkt

Sie können nur Änderungen an dem Textkörperinhalt von Markdown, aber nicht an der API-Spezifikation vorschlagen.