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Wizards Reference

Namespace: UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api.Wizards

Classes and Interfaces

IWizardExecutionContext Interface


Execution context for a wizard. Requires feature WizardsV3

Public Member Functions


ModelItem GetInsertionContainer ()
Gets the container where the result activity would be inserted. If the workflow is empty, the ActivityBuilder itself is returned. The returned value should never be null, but it's still recommended to guard against. Requires feature WizardsV3


void Initialize()
Prepare the conditions in the designer like an insertion container. Requires feature WizardsV3

IWizardsService Interface


Add wizards to Studio.

Public Member Functions


void Register ([WizardCollection](doc:wizardcollection-class] collection)
Adds a wizard collection.

WizardBase Class

Class Reference: UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api.Wizards.WizardBase

A wizard implementation.




RunWizard { get; set; }

Executes a wizard and returns the resulted activity.

RunWizardWithContainerAsync { get; set; }

Executes a wizard in realtime, allowing it to directly manipulate the workflow it is called on. Takes precedence over UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api.Wizards.WizardBase.RunWizard, if both are implemented then only this one is run. The context can be used to retrieve an initially empty target container, part of the workflow, which it can manipulate freely in real-time. The return value indicates whether or not the provided container should be kept as part of the workflow. In case the container should be discarded, any operations done on the workflow outside of the container should be cleaned up by the wizard. Requires feature WizardsV3

WizardCollection Class

Class Reference: UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api.Wizards.WizardCollection

Returns a multi-tree of wizard definitions. Each entry is a button on the ribbon. Children for each entry are menu items.




WizardDefinitions { get; }

Returns a forest of wizard definitions. Their order will define how they appear in the ribbon.

WizardDefinition Class

Class Reference: UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api.Wizards.WizardDefinition

Summary of a wizard's Ui properties.




string DisplayName { get; set; }

Translated display name.

string IconUri { get; set; }

Location of the icon resource in the providing assembly.

string Tooltip { get; set; }

Translated tooltip.

KeyGesture Shortcut { get; set; }

This wizard's shortcut.

ChildrenDefinitions { get; }

Returns sub-wizards or null if none available.

Wizard { get; set; }

The wizard instance for this definition or null.

bool MinimizeBeforeRun { get; set; }

If true, Studio minimizes before calling RunWizard, and restore when RunWizard returns The default value is True. Requires feature WizardsV2

string RequiredStudioFeature { get; set; }

If null or empty, Studio adds the wizard. If using a product code, Studio adds the wizard if the license contains that code. If using other string, Studio adds the wizard if it knows the string. Anything else, no wizard is added. Requires feature WizardsV3

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Wizards Reference

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