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Activities are the building blocks of process automation. Each contains an atomic action which, stacked together with other activities, composes a workflow.
UiPath Studio includes a number of prebuilt activities that you can install through the Package Manager.

Additionally, you can create your own custom activities specific to your needs using UiPath's Activity Creator extension for Visual Studio. The steps below will give you the foundation to build custom activities in 5 minutes flat. In this section, we'll create an activity package and in the next, populate it with functional activities.

What You'll Need



Note that version 4.0 of the Activity Creator only works with Visual Studio 2022. Likewise, the activities produced target .NET 6 Windows projects. To create activities compatible with older versions of Visual Studio or .NET, please use version 3 of the extension.

Also, the activities created by this extension rely on UiPath-made libraries currently available on the Marketplace feed ( This feed must be available in Visual Studio during development or the activities will not build successfully.


1) Add the UiPath Activity Creator Extension to Visual Studio

Open Visual Studio and click Extensions > Manage Extensions.


In the wizard that appears, click Online and then Search (Ctrl+E) for UiPath. Download the UiPath Activity Creator extension.


Close Visual Studio and, once the VSIX Installer appears, complete the installation.


2) Create a UiPath Project

Reopen Visual Studio and double-click Create a new project on the home screen.


On the Create a new project screen, type "uipath" in the search bar, select UiPath Standard Activity Project, and click Next.


Give your project a name. The UiPath convention is <Your company's name>.<Your product's name> (e.g. UiPath.Orchestrator). Then click Create.


Creating an activity package called MyCompany.MyProduct

Navigate to the Solution Explorer and notice that 3 projects, a Shared folder, and many files have now been added to solution. This is the foundation of every activity package. Continue to the next section to add your first activity.


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Using The Activity Creator

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