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Scoped Activities Reference

Namespace: UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api.ScopedActivities

Classes and Interfaces

IScopedActivitiesService Interface

Exposes the functionality of adding scope activity types with their suggested activity types.

Public Member Functions:


void UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api.ScopedActivities.IScopedActivitiesService.SetScopedActivities
Adds a list of suitable activity types to the specified scope type.

scopeActivity - Scope Activity Type.
activitiesCollection - List of suitable activities.


void UiPath.Studio.Activities.Api.ScopedActivities.IScopedActivitiesService.SetScopedActivity
Adds a pair made from a scope activity and an activity that is suitable to that scope.

scopeActivity - Scope Activity Type.
activity - Suitable Activity Type.

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Scoped Activities Reference

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