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Enabling the Data Service



Data Service is an tenant level service signifying that each tenant data is segregated.


Enabling Data Service in Automation Suite

There are two scenarios that enable Data Service as part of your Automation Suite instance:

The case of a fresh 2022.10 Automation Suite installation

Data Service is provided as part of the Automation Suite basic profile, hence it is enabled automatically, regardless if you select the basic or the complete profile. To disable Data Service, follow the Advanced installation experience guide.

The case of an 2022.10 Automation Suite version upgrade

To enable Data Service after upgrading the Automation Suite version to 2022.10, follow the Managing products - Enabling or disabling Data Service guide.


Enabling Data Service on your tenant

After you have the service ready to use as part of your Automation Suite installation, you need to provide it to your tenants too:

Follow the steps below to enable Data Service on your tenant.

  1. Log in with your Automation Suite admin credentials and access the Admin page.
  2. Select the Tenants tab. The list of available tenants in the current organization is displayed.
  3. For the desired tenant, click the corresponding Show more options menu and select Tenant Settings. A panel with the available services and additional settings is displayed.
  4. Select Data Service and click Save. Data service is enabled in your tenant.


Data Service usage limits

Consider the following limits when using Data Service as part of Automation Suite:

Data Service resourceLimit
EntityMaximum 500 entities per tenant.
FieldMaximum 200 fields per entity.
FileMaximum 10 MB per attachment.
ChoicesetMaximum 250 options per choiceset.

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Enabling the Data Service

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