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The UiPath Connectors Guide


Extend the value of Workday and deliver even better customer and employee experiences across Human Resources, Finance, and IT with automation from UiPath. Native integration makes automating even complex workflows simple and secure.

UiPath provides two integrations to enable two-way automation between UiPath and Workday, the Workday Activities Package and the UiPath Connector for Workday Extend (Cloud Integration and Product Extensions for App Development | Workday).


Workday Activities Package

The Workday Activities Package enables outbound automation from UiPath to Workday. This outbound automation support gives you the ability to use a Robot to automate actions in the Workday platform.

For more information, see About the Workday Activities Pack in the Activities Guide.

UiPath Connector for Workday

Developed using the Workday Extend Platform and available as a Workday template, the UiPath Connector for Workday ("connector") enables the inbound automation from Workday to UiPath. This inbound automation support gives you the ability to create Orchestrator Jobs and/or add Queue items from Workday via Workday Orchestrate.

For more information, see the Workday Connector Setup page.

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