UiPath Connectors

The UiPath Connectors Guide



The below guide will walk you through the steps to install the UiPath Connector extension on your Tableau dashboard.

Instructions on how to use dashboard extensions can be found on Tableau's documentation at


  1. Go to your Tableau dashboard.
  2. From the left side menu on a worksheet, the user will look at the Objects section (see screenshot) and click on Extension
  1. You will then see the following dialog. If the extension has not been published to the Extension Gallery, you can load it from a local directory using the My Extensions button.


Extension Gallery

Extensions can also be added via the Extension Gallery. More information about the Extension Gallery and how to install extensions from there can be found on Tableau's website at

  1. Choose the file UiPath_Connector.trex
  1. Drag and drop the extension on to your dashboard.

You are all set. You can configure the extension by following the steps on the Configuration page.

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