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The UiPath Connectors Guide



Before you can use the UiPath Connector extension you will first need to configure it via a series of guided steps.


You have already installed the extension on your dashboard per the Installation steps.

First Use

When you install the extension on your dashboard you will be shown a list of steps that will summarize the list of steps to configure and run your job. The steps are:

  1. Click on the down arrow in the Extension menu (see image below).
  2. Select on Configure…
  3. Check the Extension details and click Allow.
  4. Choose your settings.
  5. Run your robot.

Starting the Configuration Wizard

The configuration wizard allows you to create a new or edit an existing Job definition you have created. This includes creating (or re-using) a connection to your Orchestrator tenant and mapping the data that you want to send from Tableau to your robotic process.


Saving data

While the Configuration Wizard will save the Job and Connection definitions between sessions, they are only persisted while the extension remains on your dashboard.

If you ever remove the extension from your dashboard all configuration information will be lost.

If you accidently remove the extension you can quickly restore the configuration information by using the undo button on your Tableau dashboard.

The screens that are supported by the Configuration Wizard are:



Welcome Page

When you first open the wizard it will provide information in how to get started and quick links to get started with Start Job definitions and Connections.

Job List

Provides a list of any existing Job definitions and links to edit them. You can also start the wizard to create a new Job definition.

Job Information

The first step in creating a new Job definition, you will provide a Name and optionally a description.

Connection List

Provides a list of any existing Connections and links to edit them. You can also start the wizard to create a new Connection to your UiPath Orchestrator tenant.

Connection Settings

Allows you to create a new or edit an existing Connection to your orchestrator tenant.

Process / Robot Selection

Configuration screen where you can specify if you want to connect to a robotic process Job or Queue.

Data Mapping

Allows a user to specify a specific Tableau sheet as a data source and configure how data form that sheet will be mapped to a robotic process.

Configuration Summary

This page will allow you to validate the settings you configured in the earlier screens before saving. Once saved, a new Start Job button will appear on your extension.

Start Job

A Start Job button will appear for each roboit process configuration you have created.

To run, select the data you want to send to the robot from a sheet on your dashboard and the related Start Job buttons will become active.

Below is a screenshot of the opening Welcome page that you will see at the start of the Configuration process.

After Configuration

When an extension has been configured, you will see a button for each configured process.

These buttons will remain inactive until data on your dashboard has been selected.

See the Start Job page for more information regarding their usage.

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