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Orchestrator Notifications


An Orchestrator Notification is the result of a template being invoked after a Salesforce event occurs. In other words, a notification is a call to the UiPath Orchestrator API to create a new Job or add a Queue item to an existing Queue.

The Orchestrator Notifications tab includes the list of the Job Templates and Queue Templates that have been invoked by a Salesforce automation process and sent to the UiPath Orchestrator API. Each notification includes the template execution details, such as the status and the date it was created.



The UiPath Connector for Salesforce includes pre-configured settings for Orchestrator Notifications (e.g., Number of Jobs, Delete Successful Notifications). You can view and manage these settings via Custom Settings in the Salesforce Setup (Setup > Platform Tools > Custom Code > Custom Settings).

You can configure your Orchestrator Notifications at an organizational level and/or at a user/profile level. The user/profile level settings overwrite the organizational level when applicable (i.e., when the specified user is logged in).

Organizational settings

Setting your organizational level settings enables notifications for all users in the Assign UiPath Administrator permission set.

Before you can use the UiPath Connector, you should enable your organization level settings by completing the Customize Settings steps in the Setup guide.

User/Profile settings

Setting your profile/user level settings enables notifications for the specified user or profile. These settings are only applied to the specified user or profile and preferred over the organizational level settings when that user is logged in.

  • For example, let's say that your organizational level settings do not have Disable Sending Notifications selected. If you enable a user setting for yourself and select Disable Sending Notifications, the Orchestrator Notifications are only disabled for the actions that you perform while logged in and do not apply to any other user (even if that user performs the same actions as you).

The steps to enable user/profile level settings are the same as the ones described in the Customize Settings section of the Setup guide, except for the New button that you click in step 2 (see image below) and the need to select either Profile or User in the Location field during step 3 (see image below).


Configure Orchestrator Notifications step 2 differences


Configure Orchestrator Notifications step 3 differences

Field Descriptions

The following are descriptions of the different settings that you can configure for your Orchestrator Notifications.

  • Delete Successful Notifications - If selected (default), after an Orchestrator Notification is successfully processed it is automatically removed from the Orchestrator Notifications list.
  • Disable Sending Notifications - If selected, the connector does not call the UiPath Orchestrator API when a Template is invoked after a Salesforce event occurs. In other words, it disables all Templates that are included in Salesforce Flow Builder, Process Builder, or Workflow.
  • Job Processing CutOff - The maximum amount of time (in seconds) that is allowed to process a Salesforce job that includes Job Templates and/or Queue Templates. The default value is 60.
  • Number of Jobs - The maximum number of Job Templates that can be processed within a Salesforce job. The default value is 10
    • The number of Job Templates is dependent on the time frame specified in the Job Processing CutOff field. For example, if your Number of Jobs value is 20 and the Job Processing CutOff value is 60, the system processes whichever value is reached first. If after 60 seconds the Salesforce job processed 15 Job Templates, the remaining 5 Job Templates are not processed until the next Salesforce job starts.
  • Number of QueueItems - The maximum number of Queue items that can be sent in a bulk API call to the UiPath Orchestartor API. The default value is 200.
  • Session Timeout - Specifies the amount of inactivity time (in seconds), before your session token times out.

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Orchestrator Notifications

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