UiPath Connectors

The UiPath Connectors Guide



To establish a connection with UiPath Orchestrator, you will need to configure an External Application in Orchestrator.

  1. Access your UiPath Orchestrator account and click on Admin on the left-side menu.

  2. Select External Applications and click Add application.

  1. Choose a name for your application and type it into the Application name field.

  2. Under Application Type, select Confidential application.

  3. Now, add the scopes necessary for the connector. Click the Add scopes button, select the Orchestrator API Access Resource and add the following User Scopes: OR.Tasks, OR.Folders, OR.Folders.Read, OR.Robots, OR.Machines, OR.Execution, OR.Assets, OR.Jobs, OR.Queues.

  4. Enter your Redirect URL in its corresponding field.

  5. Click the Add button. The Client ID and other details will be displayed in the External Application window.

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