UiPath Cloud Platform

Managing Organization Level Permissions

Default Roles

There are 3 default roles available for the users at account level:

  • Organization Owner - The person who initially signed up for UiPath Cloud Platform. This role grants permissions to every organization or service level feature. There can be only one organization owner. The organization owner cannot be changed and the user with this role cannot be deleted.
  • Organization Administrator - This role grants access to all organization level features. A user with this role can perform all administrative actions at organization level, like creating or updating services, requesting or renewing licenses, managing users, viewing audit logs and so on. There can be multiple users with this role.
  • User - This is the default role assigned to people invited to join the organization. Unless edited by organization owners or organization administrators, this role grants read-only access to just a few functionalities, such as Resource Center, Licenses, Users or Services. Organization Owners or Organization Administrators must add Users to a service in order to grant them full access to that service.

Editing User Information & Permissions


Editing a user requires your user to have Organization Owner or Organization Admin role.

The user with Organization Owner role cannot be edited.

After inviting one of your colleagues to join your account, thus provisioning a user, you can change some of the user's information, assign another role within the organization or within any of the services.

  1. In the Users page, hover over the target user and click Edit. The Edit User window is displayed.
  2. Change the Full Name of the user.
  3. Change the role within your organization.
    • Select Organization Admin check box to assign the role of Organization Admin to the edited user. This role grants Administrator access to all your organization's services.
    • Leave Organization Admin check box unselected to assign the role of User to the edited user. By default, without selecting this option, this person has a User role within your organization, without the right to access any of the services.
  4. Select/unselect one or more services. If Organization Admin check box is not selected, the Services section is displayed, displaying the list of all the services within your organization.
  5. Grant/revoke service level roles to the selected services.

    • Click the Select a role drop-down next to a selected service. A list containing all the roles defined at the service level is displayed.
    • Select/unselect one or more roles for the services.
    • Repeat the role selection process for each of the selected services.
  6. Click Save. The Edit User window closes and the user information is updated in the Users page.


The email cannot be changed.


You cannot change your role or delete your user. Ask another person with Organization Owner or Organization Admin role to perform the changes for you.

Removing Users


Removing a user requires you to have the Organization Owner or Organization Admin role.

If you wish to remove a user's access to your UiPath Cloud Platform organization, first go to the Users page. There are two ways to remove a user:

  • Select one or multiple users by selecting the check box next to their name, then click Delete. Click again Delete in the Delete User confirmation window.
  • Hover over the target user and click Delete. Click again Delete in the Delete User confirmation window.

The selected user/users are no longer displayed in the Users page and they cannot access your UiPath Cloud Platform organization.

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Managing Organization Level Permissions

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