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About Accounts

Accounts are the highest level of structuring available in UiPath Cloud Platform. Every new signup for Cloud Platform creates an account. You can sign up as an individual willing to try out our products or an organization willing to leverage UiPath capabilities for their organization needs.


When signing up for your account, rest assured that your credentials are not stored in any way in Cloud Platform. The authentication app we use, Auth0, either authenticates you directly (based on email and password) or uses your Microsoft, Google or LinkedIn identity to log you in via federation.

Your Cloud Platform account enables you to deploy, operate, and scale your robotic factory in just a few seconds. Manage your licenses, add multiple Orchestrator services, grant or remove user access rights to any of these instances, and access services to create Robots, environments, machines, processes, run jobs, create schedules - all from one centralized, secure location in the cloud.

Your newly created Cloud Platform account has a unique URL (for example platform.uipath.com/yoursiteURL) and an account name, regardless of your chosen plan - Community or Enterprise.

  • The yoursiteURL part, also known as your Account Logical Name, is automatically derived from the Company Name you provide during account creation, or your First Name and Last name, if the company name was not entered, with certain limitations such as no Unicode characters or checks for uniqueness.
  • The account name, also known as your Account Display Name, visible after logging in to your Cloud Platform account in the top-left corner of every page, is the same Company Name you provided during account creation, or your Last name, if the previous was not entered.

After creating your account, you can log in with your specific site URL sent to your email address, or using the generic platform.uipath.com link. In this latter case, if you have access to multiple Cloud Platform accounts, during login you are prompted with a page listing all your available accounts. Select the desired account from the list to access it.


You can change your account settings at any time if you have the Account Owner or Account Administrator role.

Keep in mind that your Cloud Platform session times out for security reasons if you leave it idle for 30 minutes. As a result, you are logged out of your account. If this happens, simply enter your credentials again in the Login page.

The Account Settings window displays all the relevant information about your account: name, site URL, language, owner and creation date.

The Account Settings window can be opened from the Ellipses menu located in the top-right corner of your Cloud Portal.


Accessing the Account Settings window requires your user to have the Account Owner or Account Administrator role.

About Accounts

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