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The Chatbot Connector Preview is deprecated effective July 1st ‘21

The service is deprecated and will be unavailable after October 2021. Learn more

Facilitate the automated fulfillment of customer requests received by your chatbot via processes in Orchestrator, run by unattended robots across your line-of-business systems.

The UiPath chatbot connector is a cloud-hosted service that enables a no-code configuration experience to map intents from a Google Dialogflow NLP agent to processes in Orchestrator in order to automate fulfillment. Make your chatbots available within and outside your organization via Web pages or Slack workspaces.


  • Configurable integrations
    Setup connections to Google Dialogflow for NLP and Orchestrator (cloud and on-prem) without writing a single line of code.
  • Out-of-box channels
    Embed the UiPath provided web widget to add chatbots to internal and external web pages.
    Integrate with Slack for internal chatbots.
  • No-code process mapping
    Map Dialogflow intents to processes in Orchestrator for fulfillment with just a few clicks.
  • Parameter passing
    Send values extracted from user messages as input to processes, and send outputs from a process run via a message to the user.
  • Relaxed time constraints for fulfillment
    The service waits for up to 5 minutes for a process run to complete successfully, enabling the fulfillment of customer requests regardless of its complexity.
  • Flexible dialogue via RPA
    Use familiar RPA concepts to define conditional responses in UiPath processes.
    Leverage UiPath activities for CRM, OCR, document generation, and more.
  • Cross-session information tracking
    With Orchestrator queues, track vital customer information between process runs across one or more chat sessions.
  • Test mode
    Try your chatbot with RPA-based fulfillment via the web widget.

Use cases

  • Internal chatbots for employees
    Support your employees with internal chatbots that can reduce work on Slack and other internal websites by creating chatbots that automate the creation of I.T. service tickets, request employment documentation from your H.R. department, and more.
  • External chatbots for customers
    Support your customers by automating the fulfillment of their requests with chatbots on public-facing web pages. With customer-facing chatbots, you can completely automate common customer queries like checking on the status of an order, updating account details, and more.


Through end-to-end automation that fulfills end-user requests:

  • Reduce average handle time (AHT) and support staff load by automating common requests.
  • Reduce wait times for users and improve CSAT.
  • Offer 24x7 support for automated requests at a fraction of the cost.
  • Free employees to focus on strategic work.

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