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Connect to Google Dialogflow


The Chatbot Connector Preview is deprecated effective July 1st ‘21

The service is deprecated and will be unavailable after October 2021. Learn more

To connect to a Google Dialogflow NLP agent, follow the below steps:

  1. Access the Build page of the connection.
  2. Click the Connect button of the Dialogflow tile. The connection wizard is launched.
  3. Access the Dialogflow Console.
  4. Select your agent near the top left in the sidebar menu.
  5. Click the Settings icon next to the NLP agent’s name and go to the General tab.
  6. Copy the Project ID value and paste it in the Project ID field from the wizard.
  7. Next, create a service account that we'll use to connect to the Dialogflow agent. To do this:

Click on the the Project ID** value. This will open the GCP project that your Dialogflow agent is in.




You must must log into GCP with the same account used to log in to Dialogflow.

  • In the Project Info widget, click on the Go to project settings button
  • Click on Service Accounts in the menu on the left
  • Click the Create Service Account button near the top of the page
  • Give your service account a name, assign it the Dialogflow API Admin role and then click Done to create the service account
  1. In the Service accounts page, copy the value in the Email column for your service account and paste it in the Service Account field of the connection wizard.
  2. Next, create a private key for the Dialogflow service account you just created and download it as a JSON file by clicking the three-dotted Actions icon (...).
  1. Open the downloaded file in a text editor, for example, Notepad.
  2. Copy the private_key and paste it the Private Key field from the wizard.



Please copy the entire value of the private key available between the quotation marks ("").

  1. Click Connect.
  2. A confirmation message containing the name of the connected Dialogflow agent is displayed if all the information provided is correct and you've assigned the appropriate permissions to the Dialogflow agent service account.

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Connect to Google Dialogflow

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