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The UiPath Automation Suite Guide


Release date: 4 September 2022

What’s new

RHEL 8.2 has reached end of extended update support. To continue using Automation Suite, you must upgrade to a newer RHEL version. For a complete list of RHEL versions Automation Suite supports, see Hardware and software requirements.


Release date: 11 August

What’s new

New configuration file arguments

When setting zone_resilience to true in the cluster_config.json file, you can pass the --zone and --region arguments to prevent installation failures.
The two arguments are recommended if your cloud provider is AWS, Azure, or GCP, and metadata services are enabled. In this case, the installer generates the zone and region details.
However, passing the two arguments becomes mandatory if metadata services are disabled, or if you provision your machines on a different cloud provider.
For more details, see Optional: Enabling resilience to zonal failures in a multi-node HA-ready production cluster.



Enhanced logging

While previously some installer outputs were hidden by /dev/null redirections, you can now find all details on the errors occurring during installation in a log file saved in a directory that also contains the script. Each execution of the installer now generates a new log file that follows the install-$(date +'%Y-%m-%dT%H_%M_%S').log naming convention, and that you can look into whenever encountering any installation issues. Note that logs track every aspect of the installation, so it is possible to find false negatives that you should not worry about.

Aside from that, you can now explore RKE2 and Longhorn logs using the Support Bundle tool.

Better uninstallation experience

We have improved the script used for uninstalling the cluster. These changes should result in increased resilience and better retry folder deletion on failures.

Security improvements

This Automation Suite version brings general security improvements, including the fixing of vulnerable or outdated Docker images.


Bug fixes

The Redis cluster was out of sync when you manually upgraded from 2021.10.2 to 2022.4.0, migrated to Cilium CNI, and rebooted.


Known issues

If you want to upgrade Automation Suite from 2021.10.3 or 2021.10.4 to a newer version, you must take additional steps to mitigate the risks posed by Ceph objectstore. The aforementioned Automation Suite versions ship with Ceph 16.2.6, which is affected by an issue that can corrupt your data. Ceph has officially recalled this faulty version, and the recommendation is to downgrade to the latest stable Ceph version, which is 15.2.9. For instructions, see Downgrading Ceph from 16.2.6 to 15.2.9.


Bundling details

To find out what has changed on each Automation Suite component, visit the following links.
If the component is greyed out, this new Automation Suite version does not bring any changes to it.

Click here for details on the internal components this Automation Suite release bundles.

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