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Release notes

This page lists all the changes and improvements brought about by the AWS deployment template.

25 November 2022

AWS template version: 2022.10.1
Automation Suite version: 2022.10.0

Bug fixes

  • The ManagementStack failed to create when using a custom AMI.

  • The ManagementStack created IAM roles instead of using the one provided as a parameter.


18 November 2022

AWS template version: 2022.10.0
Automation Suite version: 2022.10.0

What’s new

  • You can now install new services using the AWS deployment template. Process Mining and Automation Suite Robots are the latest additions to the suite.

  • You can now connect AI Center to an external Orchestrator. To do that, you must explicitly opt for this functionality and provide certificates for Orchestrator and Identity. For more instructions, see Step 1: Preparing the AWS deployment.

  • You can now install strictly the products you are interested in using the AWS deployment template as we have deprecated the Basic product selection and made Orchestrator optional.

  • We have introduced a new tool guiding you through the steps you need to take to complete the Automation Suite installation as well as common post-installation operations. It is called Cluster Administration, and it provides useful instructions on certificate configuration, Kerberos authentication setup, node administration, database maintenance, cluster monitoring, and more.

  • The AWS template now defaults to using RHEL 8.6.

  • We have some new Systems Manager documents for connecting AI Center to an external Orchestrator and for backup and restore operations. For more details, see Performing cluster operations.



  • The hardware requirements for Automation Suite have been optimized. As a result, we have also made some changes to the AWS deployment architecture to reflect these improvements. For details, see Complete component list.
    For details on how the template computes the required hardware, see Deployment and instance type mapping.

  • Following the deprecation of the the Basic product selection for Automation Suite, we now have two options to launch the AWS CloudFormation template:

    • into a new VPC
    • into an existing VPC
  • We have made some changes to EC2 instance configuration for the server nodes. The disk configuration now includes an Objectstore disk, used for in-cluster storage.

  • This release also brings various UX improvements.


Known issues

  • While Automation Suite now provides support for external storage, the AWS deployment template currently does not offer this functionality. For the time being, you need to continue using the in-cluster storage, but we are actively working on providing an alternative.

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Release notes

This page lists all the changes and improvements brought about by the AWS deployment template.

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