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Manage Policy Templates

About Policy Templates

Product settings can differ from one version to another and different policy templates are available for different versions. To ensure the settings in your policies match those available in the governed products, configure Automation Ops to use the policy template for the product version used in your organization. When a new product version is installed, check if a new policy template version is available and update to it to make sure the policies include all the product settings that can be governed in that version.

If you want to have the latest available template versions without updating Automation Suite, you can manually import policy templates in Automation Ops.

When no template exists in Automation Ops for a product version, use the highest available template up to that product version. For example, if Automation Ops includes the Studio template versions 20.10.3 and 21.10.0:

  • Use template version 20.10.3 to create policies for Studio 2020.10.10 or Studio 2021.4.3.
  • Use template version 21.10.0 to create policies for Studio 2021.10.0.# Select a Policy Template

Select Policy Templates

  1. Select Automation Ops > Governance > Settings.
  2. Select the version for each product, and then click Save.

Import Policy Templates

Automation Ops includes the latest policy templates available at the time of the Automation Suite release. If you want to deploy policies to products or versions that become available after a release without updating Automation Suite, UiPath provides a ZIP archive with the latest policy templates that you can manually import into your Automation Ops instance.



No templates archive is currently available. Automation Ops 2022.4 includes the latest available template versions.

To manually import policy templates:

  1. Download the ZIP file containing the templates.
  2. In Automation Suite, select Automation Ops > Governance, and then select Upload Templates on the upper-right side of the page.
  3. Browse to and select the file, and then select Open.

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Manage Policy Templates

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