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Release date: 14 November 2022

What's new

Import policy templates

You no longer have to update Automation Suite to the latest version to get access to the latest policy templates for Automation Ops. You can now import policy templates simply by downloading a templates archive provided by UiPath and uploading the file directly to Automation Ops.

New policy template versions

The 22.10 policy templates enable you to create governance policies for the 2022.10 versions of the products.

Compared to the 22.4 templates, the 22.10 versions include the following:

  • For Assistant, the latest widget versions, and also a couple of new ways of controlling the settings available to users.
  • For Studio and StudioX, new settings for controlling which feeds users can publish to and which templates feeds are enabled.
    :bulb: You can download the 22.10 templates from the UiPath Customer Portal and use them in your 2022.4 Automation Ops environment.

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