UiPath Automation Ops

The UiPath Automation Ops Guide


UiPath Automation Ops is a centralized, web-based platform that enables administrators to configure and deploy governance policies for UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot, and UiPath Assistant. This on-premises release is delivered using the Automation Suite deployment model.

Governance policies offer control over various functionalities, ensure that standards are met and that rules are followed. Main features include:

  • For StudioX, Studio, and Studio Pro:
  • For Robot:
    • Control the behavior of the Robot at runtime by enforcing Runtime Analyzer rules to prevent sending emails to certain addresses or using certain applications and web pages in automations.
  • For Assistant:
    • Manage access to widgets in UiPath Assistant.

Automation Ops is flexible and easy to use, enabling you to quickly govern large deployments:

  1. Select the policy templates to use depending on the product versions installed in your organization.
  2. Create policies for the products you want to govern.
    If your organization is already using the file-based governance model for Studio, you can migrate your policies by generating files from Studio and uploading them in Automation Ops.
  3. Deploy policies at tenant, group, or user level, and any combination thereof.

Automation Ops is compatible with Studio 2020.10.3 and later, Robot 2021.10 and later, and Assistant 2021.4 and later. Users must be connected to Orchestrator using interactive sign-in.

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