UiPath Automation Ops

The UiPath Automation Ops Guide

November 2021

23 November 2021

Feeds management

Automation Ops now offers a convenient way to view and manage the packages that are available in Orchestrator tenant and folder feeds, and to add your own custom feeds. The new feeds management feature enables administrators to:

  • View details about the packages available in feeds, including versions, tags, and dependencies.
  • Manage the packages and package versions available in Orchestrator library and package feeds at the tenant and folder level.
  • Add custom library and package feeds, manage the packages and package versions they contain, and deploy them as external feeds to Orchestrator tenants.
  • Copy specific package versions from the UiPath feeds to Orchestrator tenant library feeds and custom library feeds.

2 November 2021

Easier access to Automation Ops

UiPath Automation Ops has moved from under the Admin section and now has its own entry in the left-side navigation bar of the Automation Cloud portal.

Updated 7 months ago

November 2021

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