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Automation Ops User Guide
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Last updated Jun 27, 2024


Release date: 23 May 2022

Import Policy Templates

You no longer have to update Automation Suite to the latest version to get access to the latest policy templates for Automation Ops™. You can now import policy templates simply by downloading a templates archive provided by UiPath® and uploading the file directly to Automation Ops™.

New Policy Template Versions

The 22.4 policy templates for UiPath® Assistant, Studio, and StudioX enable you to create governance policies for the 2022.4 versions of the products. Compared to the 21.10 templates, the 22.4 versions include the following:

  • For Assistant, the latest widget versions.
  • For Studio and StudioX, the option to govern the new Enforce Analyzer before Push/Check-In design setting is available.

Easier Access to Automation Ops™

Automation Ops™ has moved from under the Admin section and now has its own entry in the left-side navigation bar of the Automation Suite portal.

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