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The UiPath Automation Hub Guide

Submit an Automation

If you are assigned as a Citizen Developer Self User or Citizen Developer Power User and have automated a manual, repetitive task, or process you are encouraged to share your automation project so that other members of your team can beneficiate from using it.

To start the process click the Submit button available on the top, right-hand side of the page, and select the Submit an Automation option.


The automation submission form is displayed. Carefully fill in in all the requested information. Please check the Sharing an Automation page for details about the fields from the form.


Submit an Automation flow

As soon as you submit an automation, the below flow is initiated:

  1. An Automation Profile is created for your automation. Check it to follow its evolution and updates.
  2. The automation undergoes several reviews. This depends on your assigned permission level. Check out the Automation Review Phases for more information.

Below you can find a graphic display of the Citizen Development automation flow:

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Submit an Automation

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