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This option may not be displayed if the Account Owner decides to switch it off from the Settings page. For details please check the Updating the Settings page.

Find here all the component cards corresponding to the company’s published and downloadable components. The following filter options are available:

  • Component Type
  • Category
  • Application

The Upload Component button allows you to upload your own component. Please check the Uploading a Component page for step by step information.

As soon as you find a component you are interested in, click its card. The component’s profile page is displayed.


Component Types

Component TypeDescription
Custom ActivitiesComponents that can be installed and used in UiPath studio workflows. These should not duplicate the default packages and activities available in UiPath Studio.
SnippetsReady-made bits of code which can be either invoked or included in workflows. These should be applicable to a large number of users, environments, and processes. The same deployment, versioning and release management as the custom activities is used.
Workflow Templates / FrameworksFrameworks that help getting started with new projects as they provide an already established structure and by this facilitating best practices such as modularity, reusability, maintainability, and extensibility.
ConnectorsApplication Connectors - components that enable UiPath products to connect with other applications.
Data Connectors - components enabling UiPath products to connect external data sources.
DashboardsReady-made and ready to be deployed on corresponding environments User Interfaces. These use the UiPath robot’s logs as a data source and can be made in Kibana or any other reporting / BI platform.
Machine Learning ModelsApplications of AI based on the idea of learning and training from the algorithm, experience and provided data inputs without using explicit instructions.
SolutionsEnd to End process automation created using UiPath Core Products, UiPath OEM and Add-On products solving domain and industry-specific business problems. These solutions consist of UiPath process flow definitions with examples and templates, how-to documentation as well as Binary or Non-Binary Workflow Libraries.

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