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The Automation Store is designed so that business users are able to consume ready-made automations that were vetted by authorized users from the CoE.
In order to achieve the above, our permission system allows you to control who can Publishing to Store and Who can access the Store.

Who can access the Automation Store

All the users in Automation Hub can also have access to the Automation Store as long as they have a role that has at least View Ideas and View Automations Permissions.

You can leverage the same permissions and separated views from Automation Hub and apply them to the store. For example: if you set up a user to have the Standard User role only for the Finance and Accounting category, then they will be able to view in the Automation Store only items from that specific category.

:books: Learn more about sort-out views and fine-grained permissions in Automation Hub here.

Who can publish to Automation Store

In order to publish to the Automation Store, users must have assigned the Publish to the Automation Store permission assigned to their user role in Automation Hub.

The permission can be added to any role in Automation Hub. There are a couple of roles that will have this permission checked by default: Account Owner, System Admin, and Technical Reviewer.

Once the permission is associated with a certain role, the role can be limited to one or more categories, thus allowing the user to publish automations only on specific areas.

:bookmark: We recommend that this permission is given to members of the CoE team who can curate the Automations published to the Store.

Who can consume from the Automation Store

Users can see the items from Automation Store based on the following permissions:

  • View an Idea
  • View an Automation

The table below describes how the combination of permissions impacts the user's ability to view the Automation Store items:

View an IdeaView an AutomationView items from the Automation Store

Users that can view items from the Automation Store will be able to see the GET or REQUEST button based on the following Instant Consumption Settings:

Button OptionAutomation StoreInstant Consumption

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