UiPath Automation Hub

The UiPath Automation Hub Guide

Workspace Overview

Within this module, you can view and contribute to your company’s RPA development by:

  • following your own and your team’s Automation ideas status,
  • uploading components or track their status,
  • checking the status of the automations you follow.

Options Available for all the Roles

My Ideas
My Collaborations
My Components
Automation Pipeline

A list containing all the Automation ideas you submitted.

A list containing all the automations where you are added as a Team Collaborator.
Note: This list does not contain self-submitted automation ideas.

A list containing all the components that you have uploaded or downloaded.
You will find here the components you are still working on as well as the ones you have already submitted.

A list containing details of automations that you marked as Follow.

A list containing all the automation ideas, except for the ones under Idea – Draft status.

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Workspace Overview

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