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Uploading a Component

All the users registered in an Automation Hub tenant can create and upload reusable components that can further be used to implement processes described in submitted ideas. Follow the below steps to upload your component:

  1. Start the uploading process by clicking the Upload Component button. This button is available on the following pages:
  2. The Component Upload Form is displayed. Type in all the details mentioned in the form.
Field NameDetails
NameThe name of your component.
SummaryIntro text that is displayed next to the name (max 200 characters).
DescriptionDescribe your component in detail, add use cases as well as package specifications
Component TypeFind details about each component type in the Components page.
Component CategoryDisplays all the automation categories from level 1 set up during Categories Setup.
Applications UsedSelect the name of the application from the list, as well as the version number.
BenefitsList the benefits of your component.
DependenciesEnter all the dependencies of the component. Include tools/resources needed in
order to use it.
CompatibilityList the component's compatibility.
You can also add the test environment so users can refer to it.
ManualsUpload here manuals or other documentation necessary or helpful for the component implementation/usage.
The installation guide
User Guide
MediaRelevant screenshots & videos presenting
the component.
Component UploadFile Upload: upload your component (.zip, .nupkg, .xaml) here. The maximum file size is 50MB. You can also have an Embed Link in order to add the links for documentation stored in external storage systems like SharePoint. This can help limit access to certain documentation.

Source Code: upload the source code (.zip, .xaml) here. In case you upload a Snippet or a Workflow Template, attach the same file from the "File Upload" section. The maximum file size is 50MB. You can also add a link to the component file.

Version: Start with version 0.0. Every change made before publishing the Content
increases the decimal index.
Example: when the first or a new version of the Content is published it
changes the version to 1.0.

Release Notes: Fill in this section with info about each new version.

Upload a component page



Remember to always add or link the component package and the source code in the last section of the form named Component Upload.

  1. To complete the component upload process and trigger the curation process, click Submit.
    If you want to save the draft in order to continue working on a later time, click Save As Draft.

To view the video version of this process please access Video Tutorials section > Workspace > Upload Components and Update their Versionupload.

For details about all the statuses available for a component please check the Component Statuses page.

As soon as you upload a component the curation flow is initiated. Please check the Curationg a Component page for the step by step information.

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Uploading a Component

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