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November 2021

8 November 2021

:gift: What's New

We are happy to announce that the Customization of the Detailed Assessment from UiPath Automation Hub is now enhanced with new capabilities. An admin user will be able to rephrase, remove or reorder the existing questions, create new questions, apply various settings, modify the formulas for the existing KPIs (including weights) and define new KPIs that enable the organizations to assess and prioritize easier their automation opportunities backlog. Version history keeps track of the significant changes applied in the customization of the detailed assessment.

:books: For more details about the Detailed Assessment make sure to check Customizing the Detailed Assessment page.

:arrow-up: Improvements

  • Admin Console > Manage Users > User Roles: New permissions are available:
    • View sensitive information from Detailed Assessment: this way you can decide who can view the questions and KPIs marked as sensitive information (when customizing the Detailed Assessment) in the Share a CoE driven idea form, Automation Profile (View & Edit mode) and Automation Pipeline.
    • Change the assessment version of any idea - Allows you to apply another version for the detailed assessment in the automation profile of any idea.
    • Access to all Automation Pipeline views, including Cost Info permission is now split into two permissions
      Access to all Automation Pipeline views which allows you to view all the Automation Pipeline tables: All, Review, Decision Pipeline, Implementation and Live.
    • View sensitive information from Cost Benefit Analysis that gives access to the Cost Benefit Analysis page of any idea and view the sensitive information around benefits and costs in the Automation Pipeline.
  • Admin Console > Manage Users > User Roles > Collaborator Roles: Admin users are now able to edit the description and the permissions for the permanent collaborator roles: Process Owner, Project Manager, Citizen Developer, all types of Submitters. Make sure to click on Sync changes after editing a role.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Customize assessments > Detailed Assessment: a new option available that helps an admin decide if to allow or deny users to create new applications while filling in the detailed assessment.
  • Automation Profile Page: After the detailed assessment has been submitted, users with rights to edit the Automation Profile can update the phase/status or modify specific fields during the lifecycle of an idea without the need to fill in the mandatory questions of the detailed assessment that have been added subsequently.
  • Workspace: The bottom horizontal scroll bar is now displayed at all times in Automation Pipeline, Planning and Cost reports tables, and all the other My Workspace tables regardless of the number of visible rows.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Minor improvements and color change for product label, title, and descriptions.
  • Studio Integration: The status of an idea is now changed from Development - Not started to Development - In Progress when the user triggers the Start Development in Studio button.

:wrench: Fixed Bugs

  • Automation Profile Page > Cost Benefit Analysis: When the Final Ease of implementation was different from the one estimated by Algorithm, if there was no comment added to that section, an error was displayed on save about filling in all the mandatory questions, but with no indication that the comment was missing.

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November 2021

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