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The UiPath Automation Hub Guide

June 2021

23 June 2021

Build number:

What's New

Two new tenant settings have been added, which allow you to control the following options in Automation Hub:

  • Hide the Explore People menu completely from the headers as well as access to the user profiles (users won't be able to view other user's profiles)
  • Disable User Gamification info (Paths, Badges, Achievements, XP/Experience points).


  • Accounts that choose to migrate to the new Automation Hub setup in Automation Cloud are now receiving a welcome e-mail with more clear instructions on how to accept the invite.

2 June 2021

Build number: 21.5.2

What's New

Localization in Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Spanish (Mexico): Starting today, our Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Spanish (Mexico) speaking customers can benefit from a localized experience in Automation Hub. This allows them to access all the platform's content and resources in either English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Mexico), or Brazilian Portuguese. The option to switch the language preference is available under the 3 dotted resources icon.
Note: For clients who migrated to the new setup in Automation Cloud, Korean and Chinese (Simplified) will be available starting with the 14th of June.


  • OpenAPI: The new GET Assessment Questionnaire API call allows Automation Hub users to get all the details around the questionnaire questions and answer choices, as well as their correspondent IDs. The IDs for the custom questions can be used in the CoE Idea Submission API call in the advanced_information section.
  • Citizen Development Automation Profile page: Help texts have been added for fields in Pre and Post automation section.
  • Employee, CoE, or Process Mining driven submissions Automation profile page: Help texts have been added for Post Automation Results section.
  • Automation Profile Page: Added Published tag next to automation name to distinguish the automations that have been published in the Automation Store.
  • Automation Store > Gallery: The Automation list now shows the most recent published automation by default.
  • Automation Store: An icon to open the store version of the automation profile was added in each automation side panel.
  • Automation Store: Text fields in the automation side panel for Description, Pain Points, and Negative Impact are improved.
  • Automation Store > Automation Profile: A date has been added to each automation profile's header to show when the automation was published to Automation Store.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Categories: A pop-up is now displayed mentioning the component, automation, or the application names linked to a category that the user tries to delete.

Fixed Bugs

  • Automation Program: In filters, some categories were selected unintentionally when the dropdown list was overlapping.
  • Automation Profile Page > Documentation: The list with Task Capture download options was overlapping.
  • Automation Profile Page > View mode: Idea Score gauge title was wrongly named Assessment Score for all automation ideas in Idea phase.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Customize assessments > Edit mode: Modifying an assessment and clicking on any items from the menu was redirecting the users to the specific page without any confirmation, and all the customization was lost.
  • Automation Store: An information text was unclear for users publishing to the Store for the first time.
  • Email Settings: Secondary Email Address image was not displayed properly when using Firefox browser.

You can also choose the option Auto select theme to automatically set the Automation Cloud/Automation Hub theme to light or dark according to your current Windows theme setting.

Selecting the Theme


Changes have been made to terminology as follows:

  • Manage Users becomes Manage Access.
  • People dropdown option becomes Assign Roles.
  • User Roles dropdown option becomes Roles.
  • People page changes its title into Assign Roles.
  • User Roles and Permissions page changes its title into Roles.

Fixed Bugs

  • Automation Profile Page > Collaborators: When Managing Roles and Permissions, long usernames overlapped with Roles and Email columns.
  • My Submissions > Draft: Draft list was shown as empty for users that have been redirected after submitting a CoE draft.

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June 2021

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