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December 2021

14 December 2021

:gift: Data residency now available in Singapore

  • Automation Hub is now also available in the Singapore region. If you create a tenant in this region, the data for the Automation Hub service is hosted in Singapore.

For more information, see Data residency (cloud).

:arrow-up: Improvements

  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: All columns that show the Revised KPIs are now added to the decision pipeline table. This helps you see the updated values of the KPIs after modifying the Cost Benefit Analysis data.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Start Development in Studio option is now available in the Actions menu for all ideas in Development - Not Started.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Customize assessments: KPI formula editor now shows a list of questions and KPIs that are available for selection. A search field is also available on top of the dropdown list.

:wrench: Fixed Bugs

  • Share an CoE-driven Idea: The form could not be submitted if the detailed assessment had the Applications section marked as hidden in the customization page.
  • Automation Profile Page: Users with rights to manage collaborators were not able to add multiple Business Analysts to some automations.
  • Automation Profile Page: Users with rights to manage collaborators were not able to add multiple Citizen Developer to some automations.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Customize assessments: The detailed assessment could have been saved with the answer score having other unpermitted characters as long as the first character input was a number.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Customize assessments: A second scroll bar was displayed in the Detailed Assessment customization page and sometimes it caused the actions bar to not stick to the bottom of the screen.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Categories: Level names were not displayed entirely when using the editor.
  • Detailed Assessment: A duplicate error message was displayed next to a free text custom question.
  • Detailed Assessment: A duplicate error was shown when adding a comment that is over 200 characters for one of the detailed assessment fields.
  • Dashboards > Automation Program Performance: Dashboard was not updated in real-time after a user updated the Average employee full cost per year for one or multiple automations from the Live phase.


1 December 2021

:gift: What's New

  • Admin Console > Manage Access > Roles: Admins can decide if a collaborator role should be assignable or not by using the new Make this role assignable toggle. If the setting is ON, you can assign this role to users in the Assign Roles page and then select the role for those users in the Collaborators page of any idea. When the setting is toggled OFF, pre-assignation in the Assign Roles page is not required.

:arrow-up: Improvements

  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: New columns are added to view the data from the questions defined in the High Level Assessment section.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Three new sorting options are available in All, Review, Implementation and Live views: Phase, Automation Potential, Launch Date. Two of them are also available in Decision Pipeline: Phase, Automation Potential.
  • Automation Profile > Cost Benefit Analysis: A new Autofill dates from baseline toggle is added that when switched on, the Start Date and End Date columns from the Actual&New Estimate table are populated with placeholder values from the Baseline table.
  • Admin Console > Categories: Users with access to edit categories can now re-order the categories within the same parent.
  • Automation Profile > Cost Benefit Analysis: If the Robot Speed Multiplier or the Average Handling Time Robot per transaction value is provided, the system now computes in real time the value that is not manually inserted.
  • Automation Profiles > High Level Assessment: Mandatory questions are now marked in the edit mode so that the user can easily distinguish what questions are required in the form
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup: Minor visual improvements for Cost Setup and Audit Logs pages.

:wrench: Fixed Bugs

  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Potential Benefit was computed for some automation ideas with Idea Source different than Citizen Developer.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Data displayed in the Decision Pipeline charts did not reflect the Automation potential and Ease of Implementation values as per the updates from the Cost Benefit Analysis page.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: When trying to sort by launch date, pressing the back button or any of the left-most dates on the calendar caused it to close and select the checkboxes available behind it.
  • Dashboards > Average Automation Cost: By Ease of Implementation chart did not resize properly for users with 13-inch laptops.
  • Dashboards > Average Automation Cost: Dashboard failed to load for users with admin rights only on specific Business Area.
  • Dashboards > Average Automation Cost: Dashboard failed to load for users with more than 30 processes.
  • Automation Profile: Users were able to select multiple collaborators for the Process Owner role.
  • Automation Profile: When approving any Citizen Developer automation that is in Phase - Technical Review with Status - Awaiting Review the information text displayed in the confirmation message was inaccurate.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Cost Setup: An error was shown for certain tenants when trying to edit the currency.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Customize assessments: Changing the question type from single choice to multiple-choice caused the multiple answers to be concatenated instead of separated in the View mode of the Automation Profile.
  • Admin Console> Manage Access > Assign Roles: CSV files were not localized in Japanese.
  • Workspace tables: In Quick View, some Process Volumetry fields were not properly left-aligned.
  • Automation Profile: After reporting a comment, the confirmation message was wrong.

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December 2021

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