UiPath Automation Hub

The UiPath Automation Hub Guide

August 2021

26 August 2021

Build number: 2021.8.1

What's New

  • Automation Profile: Tags are now available so you can add, modify, delete tags in the Automation Profile Page to group or create links between different ideas or automations that could be part of a longer process or transformation initiative.
    Tags are visible in:
    • About Page in Automation Profile
    • Automation Pipeline table - all 5 views


  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Auto-generated ID and Tags columns have been added to enhance the filtering option. You can also extend the search fields with the help of the new Auto-generated ID column.
  • Open API: GET Automation Pipeline call is now enriched with the Tags information.

Fixed Bugs

  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Import Pipeline: Selecting a valid Phase in the intermediary screen was impossible after uploading a CSV with invalid Phase and Status.
  • Dashboards > Automation Program Performance: Changes made to the Average Employee Full Cost/Year value in an automation were not reflected in the Automation Program Performance page.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Customize Assessments: Converting text from plain text to rich format text caused the automation ideas to be unavailable.

09 August 2021

Build number: 2021.7.2


  • Automation Profile: Users can now see the auto-generated unique ID of the automation idea so it can be used in API calls or other purposes.
  • Automation Profile and Share a CoE-driven idea form: Estimated Benefits section is now renamed into Assessment KPIs in the Detailed Assessment.
  • Task Capture Integration: Users are now informed via a message that they should not have sensitive information in documentation created with UiPath Task Capture that needs to be uploaded to UiPath Automation Hub.

Fixed Bugs

  • Automation Profile: The cursor moved at the start of the word after hitting enter key in a comment field, while in edit mode.
  • Automation Profile: Using the Dark Theme, newly added Word documents in the Automation Profile Documentation section had the text barely visible.
  • Automation Profile: Approve for Citizen Developer option was overlapping with the menu in edit mode of an automation in Phase: Qualification and Status: Awaiting review.
  • Automation Profile: Cost Benefit Analysis and Documentation sections were disappearing while trying to edit an idea. Saving the edit and viewing the idea would have the sections as normal.
  • Automation Profile: Changing the platform language was causing an automation that had the Expected Benefits and Actual Benefits fields completed, to have partially translated text until a full page refresh was made.
  • Workspace > Automation Pipeline: Using the Dark Theme, the list of collaborators from the collaborators filter option was barely visible.
  • Components: Cards of Components submitted by users with long names were not displayed correctly.
  • Dashboards > Average Automation Cost: Selecting the download button while the page was loading caused the loading screen to remain for an infinite period.

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August 2021

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