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What does this new setup mean?

UiPath Automation Hub is available as a service in UiPath Automation Cloud. This means that Automation Hub can be selected as a service in the Automation Cloud tenants, similar to Orchestrator, AiCenter, or any other UiPath cloud service.

When can I access this new service?

Starting from 22nd Feb 2021 all customers that will start their Automation Hub trial will be onboarded into the new experience.
The existing customers will not be impacted at that date.

Where can I learn more about Automation Cloud?

How to get started with the new setup?

The main prerequisite is to have an Automation Cloud trial account. There can be the following cases:

  • You do not have an account: create one by accessing this page.
  • You have an Automation Cloud community account: upgrade it to Trial in order to see the Automation Hub service. Learn more here
  • You have an Automation Cloud Enterprise account: we will contact you in order to enable the feature - contact us

Can I first test it?

Yes. To test it if first create a new Automation Cloud trial instance and enable the Automation Hub service.

Where should I start?

Below you can find the start-up steps we recommended:


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Getting Started

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