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Component Profile Page

Exploring a Component Profile Page

By opening a Component Profile page you can access information describing the component:

  • Type;
  • General information and dependencies;
  • Media information about the component’s usage;
  • The Automations using the component.



Users with editing rights can upload images and videos associated with the described process.

  • The video maximum size is 200 Mb and the accepted format is mp4 only.
  • The image maximum size is 200 Mb and accepted formats are jpg, jpeg, gif and png.

Based on this information, you can choose to:

  • Download the component;
  • Leave a Comment;



If you need assistance in using a specific component you should not hesitate to contact the producer - we recommend you do that through the platform by using the Comments section, so that anyone in your organization who might have the same difficulties can benefit from the producer's answers and guidance.

In case you wish to report an issue, you can use the "Report an issue" button from the Component page.

  • Edit the component;
  • Report Bug or Reported Abuse.

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Component Profile Page

Exploring a Component Profile Page

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