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Email Types

To keep you up to date with important information about your account, your activity on the platform, and new features we use emails.

Based on the action that generated them, emails can be categorized as follows:

  1. Sign up emails sent to:
    • welcome you on the platform and provide a start-up kit customized for your role.
    • confirm your identity in order to complete the account registration.
  2. Personal activity emails sent to:
    • inform you when tasks have been assigned to you.
    • notify you when you are mentioned in a comment added to an automation/component.
  3. Tenant management emails sent to:
    • inform you about the expiration of your tenant pricing plan.
      Note: These emails are sent only to the Account Owner.
  4. User activity on the platform:
    • notify you about new ideas shared in your tenant.
      Note: These emails are sent only to the Program Manager(s).
  5. Platform update emails sent to keep you up to date with the platform improvements made on each platform release.
  6. Email reminders - UiPath Automation Hub system can send email notifications to users who have not completed the assigned tasks and are reminded about the actions that need to be performed.



Personal activity emails and Tenant management emails preferences can be customized by accessing your profile icon > Email Settings.
Platform update emails are sent only to subscribed users. To subscribe to our Release Notes emails access the Release Notes folder from the documentation platform, enter your email address, check the Automation Hub box and click Subscribe.

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Email Types

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