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Citizen Developer Assessment

Citizen Developer Assessment

This step is completed by the Citizen Developer while sharing the automation, still, it can be updated later on by users with editing rights in the About page of the automation profile.

Edit the Citizen Developer Assessment

  1. Access the Automation Profile in Edit mode.
  2. Under the About tab scroll down to the Citizen Developer Assessment section.
    All the fields from the Citizen Developer Assessment sections are mandatory in order to share the automation.
  3. Check and if needed edit the following fields from the Process Details subsection:
    • For Process Frequency select from the drop-down list how often is the task or process performed.
    • For Process Peaks select from the drop-down list how the task peaks are distributed.
    • For Volume Average add the number of incoming documents, files, requests, number of transactions expected.
    • In Number of people that could benefit from this automation add the number of colleagues that would consume this automation.
  4. Further on check and if needed edit the following fields from the Pre and Post Automation subsection:
  • In Average Process Duration enter the average time it takes to run one transaction.
  • In Average Error Rate add the percentages of how often do errors occur.
  • In Average Rework Time add the number of minutes, how long does it take to resolve an error.
  1. Further on check and if needed edit the Applications Used subsection by selecting all the applications that are being used when performing the process described. This list was previously defined by the Program Manager in the Admin console > Platform Setup > App Inventory.
    If the application is not defined, start typing its name, and the Create row will be displayed. Click this row or hit the Enter key in order to add the application's details.
    The newly added application will automatically be included in the App Inventory list.
  2. To save your progress click Save.


KPI Information

To find out more about how KPIs are computed based on the Citizen Developer assessment, go through the Detailed Assessment Algorithm page.

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Citizen Developer Assessment

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