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Last updated Jun 27, 2024


Release date: 23 May 2022

What's included in the build?

Customization of all built-in assessments from UiPath Automation Hub is now available:

  • Overview assessment ​(part of all submission forms)
  • High-level assessment (part of Share an idea form)
  • Detailed Assessment (part of Share a CoE driven idea form)
  • Citizen-developer assessment​ (part of the Share an automation form)
  • Miscellaneous assessment​ (includes the Benefits, Challenges, Lessons Learned, Media and Similar Automations questions that are part of all automation profiles).

Find below the list of new capabilities launched for assessment customization:

  • An admin user will be able to rephrase, remove or reorder the existing questions, create new questions, apply various settings, modify the formulas for the existing KPIs (including weights) and define new KPIs that enable the organizations to assess and prioritize easier their automation opportunities backlog.
  • Version history keeps track of the significant changes applied in the customization of the detailed assessment.
  • Mass update lets admin users move all ideas to a certain assessment version or update all ideas linked to a specific assessment version to another assessment version of your choice.
  • With the help of archive assessment version feature, you can archive an assessment version that's obsolete and is no longer linked to an idea. Once a version is archived, the version is kept in the Version history page, marked as Archived, at the bottom of the version history, and won't be visible in the list of versions available in each automation profile for users with permissions to change the assessment version.
  • Option to restore a default question or KPI for cases when admins want to reuse a question or KPI part of the default UiPath assessments.
  • Pre-fill answers option is available for all question types.
  • Assessments per category: System Admins can now build and customize different assessments for each category from their Categories structure. This capability applies to all the existing assessment types.

    For more in-depth information about the new features and changes applied check out Customize assessments and Assessments per Category

New OpenAPI calls are available:

  • Post Collaborators - Allows users to add collaborators to their existing Automation Hub ideas.
  • DELETE Collaborators - Allows users to delete collaborators from their existing Automation Hub ideas.
  • GET Reviews API - Allows users to get all reviews for a certain Automation Store item.
  • GET Automation Pipeline API call gets a new query/filter Parameter name: Published Options: yes/no in order to differentiate between ideas that are published to the Store vs the ones that are not.

New Integrations are available:

  • Automation Hub - Studio integration: connect an automation idea with the project in Studio to enable traceability and continuity:

    • In Studio, you can link any project to an existing idea in Automation Hub .
    • In Automation Hub, for any idea that is in the Development phase and has the Not Started status, you can select to start development in Studio.

Note that Studio must be connected through interactive sign-in to an Orchestrator tenant where the Automation Hub service is enabled. See Linking a Project to an Idea in Automation Hub for more details.

  • Automation Hub - Assistant integration: enables employees to instantly access automations from the internal Automation Store directly from their Assistant. No need to switch between different tools to find automations. See Automation Store Widget for more details.
  • Automation Hub - Task Mining integration: Accelerate the automation journey upon identifying opportunities by analyzing day-to-day desktop activities with Task Mining.

    • From Task Mining, you can export the results of your study directly to Automation Hub.
    • In Automation Hub, a new automation idea is created based on the data collected from Task Mining.

      For more information about the integration, check the Automation Hub integration article.

  • What's included in the build?

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