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If you're looking to extend your automation capabilities and benefit from premium services, you can quickly and easily sign up for a license subscription. With this subscription, your organization is upgraded to the Pro licensing plan. You get instant access to the required resources, with a monthly commitment that you can cancel any time.



We have put together a few pre-packaged license bundles that grant just the right mix of functionality for those getting started with robotic process automation (RPA). You can see the full details for each licensing plan on our Pricing page.

Not all licenses that we offer are available through online license purchase. For the license types not available on the page, you must contact Sales. For the full list of available licensing SKUs, see the UiPath Licensing page - the Flex Plan tab contains the license SKUs that are applicable for Automation Cloud.



If you have not signed up for Automation Cloud yet:

  1. Go to https://uipath.com/pricing.
  2. Click Buy now for license bundle you want.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions that walk you through creating a UiPath account (required), creating your Automation Cloud organization, and take you through the purchasing process.

您可以在几分钟内登录新的 Automation Cloud 组织,并使用所选计划轻松获得许可。



您可以在 Automation Cloud 中自定义包含的许可证的数量,但在这之前,您必须先注册。如需注册,请前往 https://cloud.uipath.com - 只需几分钟即可搞定。

This option is not available if your organization is in the Japan region.


  1. Go to Admin and, if not already selected, click your organization at the top of the panel on the left.
  2. Select Licenses.
    The Licenses page for the organization opens.
  3. In the top right of the page, click Buy Now.
    For more information about each of the included licenses, hover your mouse over the info icon or more link:
  1. 查看可用计划,找到适合您的计划:
    • “Automation Developer”、“Unattended 自动化”和“自动化团队”列适用于我们为满足基本自动化需求而汇总的预打包快速入门计划。
    • In the Custom column you can set custom quantities for each available license type, as needed, to create a custom plan. Any custom plan must include at least one Automation Developer - Named User license. This option is not available if your organization region is Japan.
    • If you want a more inclusive custom plan - with service licenses, for example - you can click Contact sales in the top right corner of the page to make an inquiry about upgrading to the Enterprise plan instead. However, this request takes some time to process, whereas with online purchase you can buy and use the starter plans within the same day.
  2. 决定许可计划后,单击您想要的计划名称下的“立即购买”
  1. 添加您的业务信息(我们用此信息签发发票),然后单击“下一步”
  2. 添加您的付款信息。
  3. 在订单摘要下,选中表明您同意条款的复选框。
  4. 单击“立即支付”
  1. 单击“转到 Automation Cloud”

The purchased licenses activate within the hour and your one-month subscription begins. Your organization is also upgraded to the Pro licensing plan, which includes additional benefits.

Then you can proceed to assign your new licenses. If user license management is disabled for your organization, you do not need to assign user licenses.



Useful links: Viewing renewal information Cancelling your subscription Updating your card information


If we are unable to charge the provided card for the renewal fee at the renewal date, we retry the payment for up to three days after the due date. If, after three days, the fee is still not paid, we automatically downgrade your organization back to the Community licensing plan. For details, see Downgrade to Community




After purchasing a licensing plan, the details and options for your plan are available at the top of the Licenses page for the organization.



For even more information and options, you can click Update payment info, view billing history, cancel plan to go to your plan page in Stripe:



On the Admin > Organization > Licenses page, you can see the renewal date and cost in the information box at the top of the page




  1. Go to Admin > Organization > Licenses and click Update payment info, view billing history, cancel plan to go to your plan page in Stripe:

您将被重定向到 Stripe,在其中查看和管理订阅的付款信息:

  1. 在“付款方式”下,单击“添加付款方式”。
  2. 在下一个屏幕上,添加您的卡详细信息和邮政编码。
  3. 选中“用作默认付款方式”复选框,以自动切换为使用此卡支付您的订阅费用。
  4. 单击“添加”以验证新卡。
  5. (可选)从 Stripe 中删除旧卡:
    a.在旧卡详细信息右侧单击 ,然后选择“删除”。
    b. 在确认对话框中,单击“删除付款方式”以确认删除。
  6. To return to Automation Cloud, click UiPath, Inc. in the gray panel at the left of the page.



If your subscription period has not yet expired at the time of cancellation, you can continue to use the subscription up to and including the expiration date.


  1. Go to Admin > Organization > Licenses and click Update payment info, view billing history, cancel plan to go to your plan page in Stripe:
  1. 在“当前计划”下,单击“取消计划”:
  1. 在“取消计划”页面上,单击“取消计划”。
    The button turns green and displays a checkmark when the cancellation is complete. Then you are redirected back to the Current Plan page in Stripe.
  2. To return to Automation Cloud, click UiPath, Inc. in the gray panel at the left of the page.
    On the Licenses page, the information in the Renewal section is updated accordingly:


In the above example, on September 26, 2021, the organization automatically reverts to the Community licensing plan.

The above also applies if you fail to pay the renewal fee within 3 days of the due date.



Customizing your subscription

If you need more automating power, you can add more licenses to your existing plan at any time by customizing the license quantities.


Card information

We do not ask for card information as part of this process. We charge the card that you already have on file for renewing your subscription.
If you want to use a different card, before proceeding with these instructions, update your card information to add a new card and set it as your default card.

To change license quantities for your subscription:

  1. Go to Admin > Organization > Licenses.
  2. In the panel at the top of the page, click Update license quantity:

The Update license quantity page opens.

  1. Adjust the values in the Quantity column for each license type.
    After you've made your changes, the Order summary panel on the right updates to reflect the associated costs:

For more information, see Renewal date and pro-rating and Reading the order summary.

  1. When you are ready to order, select the checkbox under the order summary and then click Confirm change to place your order.
    We are charging the default card that you have on file for subscription renewal.
    After the payment completes successfully, an order confirmation message is displayed.
  2. Click Go to Automation Cloud to return to the Licenses page.
    A Purchase success dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click OK to close the message.

On the Licenses page, your new license quantities are available. You can now proceed to assign your new licenses. If user license management is disabled for your organization, you do not need to assign the licenses.


Renewal date and pro-rating

Because you are adding licenses to an existing plan, which already has a set date for the next payment, your first month of using the licenses you add is not a full month.
For this reason, at purchase time, we calculate and charge a reduced, pro-rated cost for each of the new licenses, corresponding to the number of days you have left in your monthly subscription cycle.
For example, if you have roughly half a month left before your next payment date, the pro-rated cost is roughly half of the license cost because you can only use the license for half of this month.
The pro-rated costs are shown in your order summary before you complete the purchase.

Reading the order summary

In the top half of the order summary, you can see the New monthly bill value, which is the total amount you will need to pay next month. This amount represents the new monthly cost for your subscription, including the licenses you are adding.

In the bottom half, the Amount due today represents the one-time cost that you need to pay when you confirm the changes. This amount is lower than the monthly cost because it is due only for the newly-added licenses and only for the number of days left in your plan's monthly cycle.




You can add more licensing capabilities to your current licensing plan as needed. Our full commercial offering is available on the UiPath Licensing page. The SKUs on the Flex Plan tab are applicable for Automation Cloud.

If you would like to buy a custom licensing plan, please contact Sales for assistance with upgrading to an Enterprise licensing plan.



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