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Allocating licenses to tenants

This article walks you through the steps for allocating robot and service licenses from your organization's license pool to tenant license pools.

You can allocate licenses to tenants:

  • when you create a tenant
  • for an existing tenant, by going to the tenant's Licenses page, as described on this page.


Allocating user licenses to tenants

If user license management is disabled from organization settings, you must also assign user licenses to your tenants, in the same way as you assign robot and service licenses.

If this is the case for your organization, follow the instructions on this page to manage your user licenses as well.


Assigning licenses to an existing tenant

You can view and manage the licenses that are allocated to each tenant separately.

For each tenant:

  1. Go to Admin and select the tenant in the panel on the left.
  2. Click Licenses.
    The Licenses page for the selected tenant opens.
  3. In the top right, click Edit allocation.
    The Edit license allocation panel opens at the right of the page:

Robot licenses (in the Orchestrator section) and service licenses for the services in this tenant are displayed, grouped by the service.
If user license management is disabled, user licenses are also available in this panel.

  1. Edit the values to change how many licenses of each type to allocate to this tenant.
  2. When finished, click Save at the bottom of the panel.

The panel closes and the Licenses page shortly refreshes to display the updated license quantities.

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Allocating licenses to tenants

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