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Rule: Delete Entity Record



To better understand how the Delete Entity Record rule works, check out the Using Apps with Data Service pages in the How To section.

The Delete Entity Record can be configured in the case of any control. To configure this rule you must use the Lookup function. For more information on this function, see Function: Lookup.


Which entity record should be deleted?

Add the entity that you want to delete using the Lookup function.

When deleted

The When deleted property provides the ability to define rules to be executed whenever the process completes.
A best practice is to display a success message after the entity is deleted using the Show Message and selecting Success from the Type drop-down list.

On Error

If the process encounters an error, an error message is displayed is displayed by default.
You can configure this field if you want to display an error message in another user interface (UI) component.

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Rule: Delete Entity Record

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