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Replacing a Process referenced in an App

Apps platform provides the ability to replace a process referenced in App with another process. This capability is very handy when you move your apps between organizations or your environments ( Development, Test, and Production).

  1. A process can be replaced in two ways.
  • Right-click on the process name from the tree view and click on replace
  • Click on the error icon next to the process name in the tree view ( Error will be shown only if the process is not available, or you don't have access to the process)
  1. This will launch the Process replacement dialog. If the App is imported into a different organization, Click on select a different Orchestrator, to choose the Orchestrator
  2. The App creator can then pick the replacement process from the process list in the left pane. To assist in easy replacement, the first section in the left pane shows the best matches (based on process name) of the current process. The user can leverage the matches section or navigate through the 'All Processes' and pick the desired process.
  3. Once the process is selected, you can see the process details on the right pane
  1. The difference in the process arguments between current and replacing process is indicated with 2 different icons
  • Argument available only in the replacing process and not in the existing process (Plus icon)
  • Argument removed in the replacing process but available in the existing process (Minus icon)
  1. The app creator can click on replace to replace the existing process with the new process selected.



  • Once the process is replaced, the action cannot be undone.
  • Replacing a process where an argument is removed, may lead to invalid bindings in the app.

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Replacing a Process referenced in an App

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