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Include Excel charts in Apps

Charts are visual representations for data visualization, in which the data is represented by symbols. They are often used because they are easier to read than the raw data.

To include a chart into your application developed with UiPath Apps, follow the procedure below.


Before including a chart into your application, you must have:

  • A chart template in Excel.
  • The UiPath.Excel.Activities.Business.CopyChartToClipboardX activity installed and configured. For more information, see Get Excel Chart.
  • The UiPath.Core.Activities.LoadImage activity installed and configured. For more information, see Load Image.


  1. Add a required chart with the needed data in an Excel sheet.
  2. Use the Get Excel Chart activity to save the chart.
  3. Save the chart as a picture.
  1. Use the Load Image activity and reference the chart image location.
  2. Convert the chart image to base64.
  3. Prefix the base64 string with the following: data:image/png;base64,. Make sure that base64 is a string data type.
  4. Pass the string as an out argument of your choice.
  5. Value bind the out argument to your image control in UiPath Apps.


The sequence in UiPath Studio should be similar to the one in the image below.


Your chart is now included into the application.


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Include Excel charts in Apps

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