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About Functions

To help you define particular Expressions or include individual operations while designing your app, an out of the box set of Functions is provided within the designer.



Depending on the function specifications some have a graphical representation, while others do not.

Start using the available functions by selecting the needed operator, input the parameters, and wait for the output value to be returned.



  • The accepted parameters can be the same type of arguments or implicit cast of arguments.
  • The output value can be primitive or an object.

Function Operators

Mathematical Operators and Functions

Please access this page for more details.

Arithmetic Operators

+Additionx = y + 2
-Subtractionx = y - 2
*Multiplicationx = y * 2
/Divisionx = y / 2
%Modulus (division remainder)x = y % 2
++Incrementx = ++y
--Decrementx = --y

x = y--

String Operators

We'll use the following hypothesis to present the string operators: text1 = "Good ", text2 = "Morning", and text3 = "".

+=text1 += text2"Good Morning""Morning"""
&text3 = text1 + text2"Good ""Morning""Good Morning"

Comparison Operators

We'll use the following hypothesis to present the comparison operators: x = 5.

=, ==equal to ("=" is the same as "==")x == 8

x == 5

>greater thanx > 8false
>=greater than or equal tox >= 8false
!=not equalx != 8true
<less thanx < 8true
<=less than or equal tox <= 8true

Logical Operators

We'll use the following hypothesis to present the logical operators: x=6 and y=3.

!, not, NOTNot()not!(x === y) is true
&&, and, ANDAnd()and(x < 10 && y > 1) is true
||, or, OROr()or(x === 5 || y === 5) is false

Other Operators

The in operator returns a true result if the specified property is in the specified object, otherwise, it returns a false result.



The in operator only supports primitive data types, such as string, number, boolean, null.
The in operator is not supported in Data Service scenarios using choice-set. You can use the contains operator instead, but only for one input.

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About Functions

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