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Rule: Upload file to Storage bucket

The Upload file from Storage bucket can be configured in the case of any control. For example, you can apply this rule when clicking a button.
This rule is used for uploading files to a selected storage bucket.


File to upload

This property is used to bind the file picker control.

Storage bucket

A list of available storage buckets is displayed and you can pick the one you need. For more information on adding a storage bucket to your app, see Importing a Storage Bucket from Orchestrator.
If there are no storage buckets added to your app, the list is empty and a notification is displayed in the drop-down list.


Upload file name

The name of the file that will be stored in the storage bucket. You can provide a name for the file, or you can generate a unique name.
By checking the Auto-generate name box, an unique name will be auto-generated for your file by providing a suffix.



To make sure that files will not be overwritten, we highly recommend to use the Auto-generate name feature.

When completed

The When completed property provides the ability to define rules to be executed whenever the process completes.
A best practice is to use the Set Values rule to create a variable and easily download it at a later stage. If the Auto-generate name box is checked and you don't know the exact name of your file, you can drag and drop the ? Uploaded File Name box in the needed rule.



A best practice is to show an error message if a process fails. To do this, add a Show Message rule. You can then specify the title, message, and type of the error message.


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Rule: Upload file to Storage bucket

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