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Referencing a Storage Bucket from Orchestrator

For a seamless integration, all the files uploaded using the File Picker control or the Upload file to Storage bucket rule are stored in a storage bucket in Orchestrator.
For more information on storage bucket, see About Storage Buckets and Managing Storage Buckets.

Referencing a Storage bucket from Orchestrator

Once a storage bucket has been created in Orchestrator, you can reference it from an app.

In the example below, we'll show you how to reference an existing storage bucket into an app.

  1. From an app in App Studio, click on the :heavy-plus-sign: icon next to the app title.
  2. Click on Storage bucket to open the storage bucket referencing dialog.
  1. A list of Orchestrator instances for the current Automation Cloud account is shown. Choose the one that hosts the storage bucket you need and click Next.
  1. A list of storage buckets organized by folders is shown for the currently selected tenant. Click on the > icon next to any folder to list the storage buckets in that folder.
  1. Click on the checkbox next to the storage bucket you want to use in your app and click the Select button. The storage bucket is now added in your app and can be used.



Storage bucket permissions are managed in Orchestrator. If you don't see a storage bucket in Apps Studio, make sure you have the right permissions for that storage bucket from Orchestrator.

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Referencing a Storage Bucket from Orchestrator

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