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Function: If

Conditional evaluation (either/or)

Use this function to check if a condition is met.

If(Condition(s), IsTrue[Otherwise])Returns one value if a condition is true and another value if not.


For more information on arguments, see the table below.

Condition(s)RequiredConditions/Expressions to test for true.
IsTrueRequiredThe value to use if the condition evaluates to true.
OtherwiseOptionalThe value to use if the condition(s) do not evaluate to true. If nothing is specified then nothing is returned.


  • If(true, “Apricot”, “Blackberry”): Apricot
  • If(false, “Apricot”, “Blackberry”): Blackberry
  • If(1 > 0, “Apricot”, “Blackberry”): Apricot
  • If(1 < 0, “Apricot”, “Blackberry”): Blackberry
  • If(true && 1 > 0, “Apricot”, “Blackberry”): Apricot
  • If(true, If(1 > 0, “Apricot”, “Blackberry”), "Raspberry"): Apricot
  • If(false, If(1 > 0, “Apricot”, “Blackberry”), "Raspberry"): Raspberry

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Function: If

Conditional evaluation (either/or)

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