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Function: Concat

Combine text from multiple strings

Use this function to combine text from multiple individual strings or list of strings.

Concat(Text1 [,Text2])&Combines multiple strings into a single string


For more information on arguments, see the table below.

Text1RequiredThe first item to join. The item can be a text value, number, or cell reference.
Text2OptionalAdditional text items to join. You can have up to 255 items, up to a total of 8,192 characters.


Assume that variable JamType = Apricot:

  • Concat(JamType, “jam”, “!”): Apricotjam!
  • Concat(JamType, " ", “jam”, “!”): Apricot jam!
  • Concat(JamType, " jam”, “!”): Apricot jam!
  • Concat("My favorite jam is ”, JamType, "!"): My favorite jam is Apricot!
  • Concat(List(“Blackberry “, “ is “, “ good”, “too!”)): Blackberry is good too!

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Function: Concat

Combine text from multiple strings

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